How Leaders Can Create Successful Products For Their Customers

The things I learned from leading TU20

Leadership Principles from Amazon’s Website

Customer Obsession

The Customer is always right … kind of

Some companies have their customer values enshrined — Stew Leonard’s Grocery Store

How do we take the philosophy of customer obsession and apply it?

Clustering Customer Segments —

Keeping a pulse on your org

The Enterprise Sales Roles

  1. Listening — What does your customer actually need?

How do I incorporate my own ideas with customer wants?

Understanding types of customers (LTV)

Why be customer obsessed?

  1. This year is the first year we have done a student survey on student needs, why is this a problem? What limitations has this given us? What opportunities did this present?
  2. We have a bunch of potential customer data, what are some interesting trends? Possible limitations?



ML Architect @ Voiceflow

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