How to Reach Your High Standards

Cartoon Mulan drawing climbing to fetch the arrow
The iconic scene out of Disney’s Mulan — Drawn by Alice XZ —

The things I learned from leading TU20

Results matter

You build a reputation

You set your own standards, others reinforce it

Colourful letter blocks
Your environment has the building blocks for your success

Continuous improvement

A Tape-measure going across the screen

Small changes that add up

Steps upwards

Leadership Principles from Amazon’s Website

Holding yourself accountable

Sustaining success is being proud of your work

An electricity generating windmill on a hill
Sustainability is essential to success.

When you beat expectations, people get excited

The Debate Methodology

A white question mark on a chalk board
Asking questions is a great way to get answers.
Someone sitting on a beach with a sunset

So how do you become better ?

Slow and steady wins the race




ML Lead @ Voiceflow

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