Ownership and Bias for Action

Senior Exec Training — Ownership and Bias for action

What is Ownership?

How is ownership communicated in society?

What is Ownership in a sentence?

(Tech Republic)

Creating something new is shiny, exciting…

Jobs created per startup

What is Having a Bias for Action?

  1. Something is broken, you tell someone.
  2. Something is broken, you fix it yourself.
  3. Something doesn’t break because you thought about that case already. Hard

So why are you scared?

Some remedies

Understand norms and personalities in an org

  1. “Our old website logo sucks.”
  2. “I was thinking about our website logo and thought it could use an upgrade, I created 3 new designs to get us thinking.”
  3. “Hi our website has an old logo, I fixed it temporarily, do you think the design is a good long term fix?”
  1. When you get stuff done on time, communicate and have good results, people trust you.
  2. When you are there to help people and do the right thing, people trust you.

The three worst daily things about being a leader

Questions to think about:

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